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A word from Margaret Saccucci

I know some people say “you are what you eat” but I believe “you are what you do”.


I’m a florist…I eat, sleep, work and dream of flowers everyday of my life. It’s not only a passion of mine but a true obsession. I fully respect them and treat them well…ensuring my clients that they will not only get a structurally beautiful bouquet but also as fresh and spectacular as can be.


My designs are inspired by nature and all that surrounds me…


I meet with my clients…never imposing my ideas, knowing full well that the arrangements must represent their taste, style and budget.


I offer a wonderful service in showing them what I can do for them and personally create something that represents them with both what my talent and experience has to offer.


I love what I do…and do it well! That is what I’m most proud of.

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